On 16th December 2014 we inducted Aika Mongi into the Joysterbayan family on our weekly meeting.
The meeting was our last for the year 2014 and we can't thank Aika enough, her induction gave the club the opportunity to start the festive season on a high membership note. The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Oyster Bay look forward to inducting more members in the coming year, but for now we celebrate Aika's joining.
Aika, welcome to the Joysterbayan family!
Aika Mongi (left) with Rtn. Maninder Lamba after her induction

Aika Mongi (left) listening to President Thomas Scherer (right) words during the induction
Posing for a group photo after Aika's induction, from left to right, Rtn Maninder, Leanne, Aika and President Tom.