The Rotary Dar es Salaam-Oysterbay club has effected functionality that allows us to register yourself and guests for events online and provide the Captain with an email as people sign up. Within the Event sign up window we can also see the members that have registered and their guests.

Registration details below...

 Member Registration for Events

  1. Navigate to the Dar es Salaam-Oysterbay Rotary Club website
  2. Along the left sidebar is a small window named 'Club Events'
  3. Click the link to the event which you would like to register
  4. The event details will appear
  5. Click the link labeled "Attend or Decline" located under the 'Register Online Menu'
  6. Login using your account details (Contact Moh or Mike if you need help with this) 
  7. Add some Comments if you like and click 'Register'

Register Additional Guests

  1. On the registration screen click "Register Additional Guests"
  2. Enter 'First Name', 'Last Name', and 'Comments'
  3. Click 'Save'
You will receive a confirmation number for yourself and one for each guest, keep a record of these.

An email will get sent to the event Captain advising of the registration.

Any questions regarding functionality of the website please direct to Moh and Mike.