Excitement was the buzzword last Wednesday, 11 May, at the new Pizza Hut at Mkuki Mall, Dar es Salaam. 
A small contingent of Joysterbayans went to Pizza Hut to receive along with President Moh a pledge of more than 15 Million Tanzanian Shillings from the amazing Pizza Hut Tanzania team, to be put toward, the school project, "as a way to show our commitment to supporting the communities where we operate, said Vikram Desai.  "The money," he said, "will provide desperately needed upgrades to the school for the 1,300 students and provide training for their teachers."
The other achievements of the day, no less impressive, are the marking of the Tanzanian Pizza hut as the 100th franchise of the company to open world wide. Additionally, and excitingly, they announced that a team from Pizza Hut have achieved a Guinness Record of pizza delivery at the highest land altitude on land. This team is going places, and we're glad to have them on a part of our service journey.
The guest of honour for the event was Mark Childress, the Ambassador to the United States of America, who cut the ribbon and addressed the guests. Mingling and sharing ideas ensued and finally all were treated to hot pizza! 
Pres. Moh chatting with Tigo CEO, Diego Guttierez over a hot slice of Za
Following the ceremony, Pizza Hut TZ owner and team took the international guests over to Msasani Primary School to meet the School representatives and learn more about the site and its needs. We look forward to a good working partnership!