On 21st October, 2014 our weekly meeting wasn't like our usual weekly meetings. While the club members were almost outnumbered by the visiting Rotarians and guests, we had one of our most touching moments in this Rotary year where we became a part of a very good morning to the students who won the scholarship as organized by the club’s scholarship committee. An ordinary morning to some people, but to some of these young boys and girls, this morning opened new doors in their education journey while to others who were already in the scholarship program, the morning was a promise renewed.

The scholarship winning students in a group photo with some of the sponsors present at the event, and the Rotary Club of Dar Oysterbay's scholarship committee  

Cheques worth a total of Tshs 63,752,400/= were given to 18 students (10 continuing and 8 new) to cover their tuition fees for the education year 2014/2015. The scholarship was available to students, who apart from meeting other qualification criteria, were interested in pursuing education in the areas of engineering –building, civil and mechanical; medicine; law; finance and accounting; information technology; business; and agriculture.

Scholarships were from various institutions namely; Rotary Karimjee Scholarships, Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation, D.B. Shapriya Scholarships, B.J. Sheth Scholarships, Mahtani Scholarships, and Arup (Pty) Limited.

The handover of the cheques marked the end of this education year's campaign by the scholarship committee, and as hard working as they are, plans were already being made on the morning on how the scholarship committee will go about securing scholarships for the coming education year.

Congratulations to the students who were awarded the scholarships, we hope to hear from you soon with updates on your education journey. To the scholarship committee, as you celebrate the success of this year's campaign, we wish you all the best for the coming scholarship campaign.
Pictures above: Students receiving cheques as handed out by the sponsors who attended the event