The following detail how to send emails using the club's website.

  1. Access the our website (
  2. Click 'Login' at top-right of screen
  3. Enter username/password
  4. Click "Email Message Center"
  5. Click "Compose new message"
  6. To select ALL members click the checkbox to the left of "Active & Honorary Members"
  7. To select specific members click on the "Active & Honorary Members" heading and a list of members will appear
  8. Click in each checkbox to select those members you would like to receive the email.
  9. In the section to the right of the distribution lists is where you compose your email.
The email FROM: line will show the name of the person sending the email and an address of "". If you click reply, the email address of the person sending will appear in the TO: line.

Lastly, the email will get sent to the email address listed in the respective member's profile. Please make sure your profile is up-to-date.