During the final week of February we had the honour of having Shannon Henn of The Impact Plan speak to us about their support the Muhimbili Children's Oncology Ward Kids.


The Pediatric Oncology Ward at Muhimbili National Hospital is the first dedicated childhood cancer program in Tanzania. The program has made significant improvements in local childhood cancer survivability rates, from less than 5% in 2005 to upwards of 50% in 2014.

Thanks to regional early detection and cancer education programs conducted by the staff at the oncology ward, the number of children treated continues to grow in Tanzania. In 2014 alone, we expect to receive over 500 new children on the ward. With the increase in cases and early detection, the need for a dedicated source of funding for large grants, small financial gifts and in-kind donations also increases.

In January 2014, a group of 10 nurses and caregivers began a grassroots fundraising plan and raised substantial funding for the ward and personally brought over 1,200 pounds of desperately needed supplies to the kids and staff. From this trip, The Impact Plan was born and we began the mission of “immediately impacting healthcare and education in developing countries” by ensuring the success of the Pediatric Oncology program in Tanzania. The resounding success of this one giving / shopping / travel mission outlined the steps for success and has become our model for project support globally.

Visit The Impact Plan website to find out more about the organisation:  http://www.theimpactplan.org/