The tree planting experience at the Yatima orphanage was indeed different. Rotarians and family members played games with the children as young as 8 months and many Rotarians had small children holding their hands for the entire period of tree planting which was indeed touching.
Blessed are we who have so much in our lives and it is only in such moments we count our blessings. Would like to thank Rotary club of Oysterbay for bringing a special touch to our planting of trees. A big thank you to Hatim, Leena , Maninder, Krutin, Mehreen, Raju and Sree for organizing this event with such Zeal and enthusiasm. The Guest of Honour for the event was Past President Ali Hassan Mwinyi who was also our chief guest at the walk where we raised money for the cause. He arrived at exactly 11am sharp (something to learn here for sure) and encouraged everyone to minimum plant a tree which if the country took heed would mean 34 Million trees. The event was covered by Channel Ten, Star TV and by now we know whom to thank for this – Rtn. Hamza. Would also like to thank Bank M and Johnson for the media coverage which will be appear in papers tomorrow. Thanks to members of all the clubs who always attend and support this cause. A moment to sit back and say we have planted 20,450 trees. Write up by: Sharmila Bhatt - (Rotary Dar-es-Salaam)