We have seen this week, the return of Sarah of the RC of Seattle 4, one of our main partners when tending to Malaria prevention information dissemination and distribution of Malaria nets to the community of Kerege. 

This year she's presented us with a DVD of "Ubongo Kids" 


"You can watch UBONGO Kids on TBC-1 on Saturday and Sunday mornings."  Sarah told me, "the first half-hour is from Season 2 on science and math topics in Kiswahili.  The second half-hour is from Season 1 (math topics) in English.  UBONGO Kids is also shown in Kenya and Rwanda, and has more than a million viewers each week.



FYI, here is a link to a special episode on malaria (in English) that UBONGO Kids did with partners Mothers Against Malaria and Malaria No More: