On 14 Jan 2009 DG Kaushik Manek appointed PDG Hatim Karimjee as Special Representative to form a new Club. PDG Hatim enlisted the assistance of PAG Raju Dave and PAG Vinoo Somaiya for this task. First meeting of the organizing group was held on 20th Jan 2009 at Epidor Café at Sea Cliff Village. Subsequent pre-charter meetings were held on Tuesdays for breakfast as membership increased to 24. Club venue was later moved to new Epidor Café & Restaurant on Haile Selassie Road.
RC Bahari Dar-es-Salaam became Sponsor Club and on 3 Feb 2009 submitted Sponsorship Form to Rotary International. First Assembly of the Provisional Club was held on 16th June 2009 where the Club name was amended from Dar-es-Salaam Msasani to Dar-es-Salaam Oyster Bay.
Board of Directors was elected with Kishor Shapriya as first Club President. DG Tadesse Alemu visited the Provisional Club on 7th July 2009 and signed the Application to Membership of the Club to Rotary International.
Then RI President John Kenny welcomed the new Club to RI in his letter of 28th July 2009. The New Club’s Charter Dinner was held on 24th Oct 2009 at The Slipway where DG Tadesse Alemu presented the Club with the Charter Certificate from Rotary International.
Club Presidents
2009-10 Kishor Shapriya
2010-11 Kishor Shapriya
2011-12 Maninder Lamba
2012-13 Harshit (Raju) Sheth
2013-14 Nadine Atallah
2014-15 Thomas Scherer
2015-16 Mohamed Versi
2016-17 Alfred Woiso
2017-18 Anne Seals
2018-19 Vikash Shah
2019-20 Amish Shah
2020-21 Maryanne  Mugo
2021-22 Aisha D. K. Sykes