Here is a useful and clear method, submitted to us by Rotarian Maninder Lamba, Past President of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Oyster Bay on How To Do Your E Make Ups




Rotary E-Club of 3310 has been approved under the CyberClub Pilot Project by Rotary International.

As a prototype, Rotary E-Club of 3310 is permitted to explore new, "innovative and flexible constitutional provisions" that may not be in conformity with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.

Rotarians visiting Rotary E-Club of 3310 to do make ups have one of two options.

(A) Log-in and participate in the Forum Section.

Under the Manual of Procedure 2004, Rotarians are required to spend at least 30 minutes surfing on-line to qualify for make ups.

As you "log-out", a Rotarian shall be asked whether he requires a make up card. Have your Club President's or Secretary's email address handy. After completion of the on-line form, an electronic make up card shall be forwarded to his Rotary Club. A second back up copy is sent to the visiting Rotarian.

(B) Alternatively, a Rotary visitor can challenge the more demanding on-line MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) assessment.

To clear this hurdle, the visiting Rotarian needs to read the necessary article and answer five (5) MCQ. If he secures at least 60% accuracy, the visitor is rewarded with a make up card. Failing which, he shall be re-directed to re-read the article for another attempt.

Although the latter may appear the easier route (in term of time spent on-line), we encourage you to give it a shot.