It was really nice to meet the folks at Ukonga in person, to chat with a few prospective members (government officials who are keen), to see the fruits of all the work we put in, to hand over the medication, to address an audience in Kiswahili (it’s been a while!). The inspiration it provides is long-lasting. These are words from PE Aisha during medicine donation to Ukonga Prisons Health Centre. 
She said ''It is very easy, sitting on Zoom call after Zoom call, to forget what impact and community engagement looks, feels, and sounds like in Rotary''.
Our Club(Rotary Club of Oysterbay) not only has it been the biggest and most diversified club in Tanzania but matured and gave birth to six new Rotary Clubs in less than three years time. Chartering of the sixth Club by the name Rotary Club of Ukonga took place on 12th January 2021. Not only that members were asked to join Rotary in Ukonga  but also we(Rotary Club of Oysterbay) took them hand by hand to help them see what Rotary means and gave them an experience of being Rotarians before chartering. We translated the Four way test, constitution to easy their way in, paid charter fee ( to encourage them) and when they decided to renovate a single class at Juhudi we as mother club asisted the second one!!! We are now working on a global grant for the two schools and on top of that Medical Camp is on the way.
The Rotary Club of Oysterbay and Rotary Club Of Ukonga handing over the renovated classrooms worth 8Mill Tzs (4000Usd) to Juhudi Primary School on 12 January 2021 aim being supporting Government efforts to provide education services to the public.
The donation aimed at uplifting education standards and making general learning environment conducive to both pupils and teachers.